R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R For Rent In Las Vegas, Nevada


You can rent the Nissan Skyline GT-R at RentJDM in Las Vegas. Learn more about this iconic Japanese Domestic Market icon.

Limited Production

The R32 GT-R debuted in August 1989 and was sold though 1994. A new version of Nissan’s RB inline 6 cylinder engine powered the car.

  • Iron block, aluminum dual overhead cam head.
  • Sodium filled exhaust valves.
  • Solid lifters.
  • Six throttle bodies. Twin turbo.
  • Oil cooled pistons. 73.7mm stroke with an 86 mm piston giving the RB26 2568cc of displacement. 

Group A

Fitting right into the Group A formula for forced induction. Short stroke, low torque, high revving. Stock most of the engines had ceramic exhaust wheels on the turbochargers, and saw about 0.7 bar of boost(500 mmHG, 10psi).

Under The Hood

Behind the RB26DETT sat a 5 speed transmission, with internals shared with the Fairlady (300ZX). On the back of the transmission was the ATTESA transfercase, or the all wheel drive magic that made the R32 GT-R into the track monster it was.

On the track for Group A, the RB26 was tuned to 550 horsepower, making it unbeatable in 29 of 29 races in Japan.

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