Why are you called RentJDM?

We are called RentJDM because of our initial business model that we were successful in achieving, however due to worldly circumstances and complications with rentals we changed said business model in January of 2021. 

Are you guys doing rentals?

Not at this time, but we do have options which allow customers to experience RHD first hand! Give us a call at 702-736-8536 or you can always contact us today!

When are you open?

Currently we are open Wednesday – Sunday 9:00AM-6:00PM PST.  We also have facility rentals available on Mondays & Tuesdays by request.

Where do these cars come from?

JDM which is short for Japanese Domestic Market, means all of our vehicles were originally created / owned in Japan. The process of getting these cars to the US requires shipment typically on a boat. We utilize multiple dealers such as Top-Rank, private sales & more.

Daily in-house specials available!