model MODEL: Nissan Kenmeri
color-icon COLOR: Silver
transmission TRANSMISSION: 5 Speed Manual
engine ENGINE: L28 3.0L Straight 6
passengers-icon PASSENGERS: 4


Nissan Skyline “Kenmeri”

Kenmeri GT-R Tribute

The next generation Skyline after the fabled “Hakosuka” The C110 chassis Skyline is also fabled with its own history in its own right. So nicknamed after the named characters in its TV commercials “Ken and Mary” it is less commonly known that the names were specifically chosen as a play on its new design. It’s rumored that with Nissan wanting to showcase a heavier American influence in its style, the names “Ken and Mary” when reversed and said together sound “MaryKen” or ‘Merican.

Besides the name lore, Nissan did it again producing a very handsome car with performance and in mind and again produced a pinnacle GT-R level. However, due to the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 coinciding with its year of release, Nissan also created the RAREST of standard production Skyline GT-R’, only 197 total. A racing history never to be created.

Our KGC110 chassis car actually started life as an Australian market Datsun 240K but has been restored and reborn as a Japanese market Nissan Skyline GT-R clone. Its engine and transmission have also been replaced with a much more powerful L28 motor, bored out to 3.0 liters of displacement, a Canon intake manifold coupled to triple, dual side-draft Solex 44mm carburetors for induction and exhaust fumes exit through a full-flow exhaust. Finally, the car is accentuated by black gloss fender flares, rear wing, and a set of beautifully restored 16” multi-piece Panasport wheels. Truly a magnificent Skyline to behold!


  • This vehicle is currently under maintenance and is unavailable. When completed it will be reflected here.
  • Restrictions Apply

Drive: $375 Ride: $175

Body Style: Coupe
Year: 1973
Nickname: "Kenmeri"
  • Engine Upgrade - L28, Rebored 3.0L Iron Block “Straight 6”
  • Dual Side Draft, 44mm Solex Carburetors
  • Front Engine
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Right Hand Drive

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