model MODEL: Nissan R35
color-icon COLOR: Black & Red
transmission TRANSMISSION: 6-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic
engine ENGINE: HKS Modified 3.8L VR38DETT
passengers-icon PASSENGERS: 2


Nissan Skyline R35 GTR

ADVAN Tribute Livery

The Nissan GT-R. The return of the GT-R moniker, but this time for the world. Traditionally a title only reserved for the highest level produced Skylines a decision at Nissan was made to release a vehicle simply named the “GT-R” as a halo car to represent the brand.

Once released in 2007, and still produced today, it shocked the automotive world with its staggering performance numbers, toppling other exotics 2 even 3 times its selling price and set a new bar for the global performance/price ratio.

Our Nissan GT-R has been fitted with an impressive Liberty Walk, Ver. 1 Widebody kit. The kit, consisting of no less than 13 pieces, takes the already wide GT-R to a new level and has sparked the wide-body trend that is here to stay. In addition, the ADVAN Racing livery evokes images of speed generated by its long history of use in the Japanese motorsports world.

Enjoy your opportunity in this one of a kind R35 GT-R!

  • Please note due to the extensive modifications including air-bag suspension your host will adjust your ride settings accordingly. This process can take an additional few minutes or so depending on driving conditions. This will not effect the total length of your demo, only the preparation time.
  • This car falls under our “modified” category and is only available for demo rides. *Restrictions may apply*

Ride: $175

Body Style: Coupe
Nickname: "ADVAN"
  • Advan Tribute Livery
  • 6-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Air-Lift Air Ride Suspension
  • Full Liberty Walk Type 1 Widebody Kit
  • Autographed By “Kato-San” - Owner Of Liberty Walk, Japan
  • Left Hand Drive

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