model MODEL: Honda Beat
color-icon COLOR: Aztec Green
transmission TRANSMISSION: 5 Speed Manual
engine ENGINE: 656cc MTREC 3 Cylinder
passengers-icon PASSENGERS: 2


Honda Beat Ver F

Soft-Top Convertible

The Honda Beat is a rear-wheel drive, mid-engine 2 seater roadster “Kei Car” Unlike its competitors the Beat’s 656cc Engine was not equipped with a turbocharger, but instead, Honda equipped MTREC System that gave individual throttle bodies (yes ITB’s) to each of its 3 cylinders. The Beat graciously Revs up to 9000 RPM with its 5 Speed transmission allowing for a fun and spirited driving experience. The transmission feels buttery smooth as with any Honda.

  • Please note that our Test Drive / Demonstration Ride route for “Kei” class cars is roughly 10-15 minutes long depending on traffic conditions.
  • Also note that cars in the “Kei” class category are very small in overall size. A maximum height of 6ft is recommended.
  • Restrictions Apply

Drive: $100 Ride: $35

Body Style: Convertible Coupe
Year: 1992
Horsepower: 64
Nickname: "Beat" "Midship Amusement"
  • 656cc MTREC 3cyl with ITB
  • Mid Engine
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Soft-Top Convertible
  • Right Hand Drive

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